Inner work is probably the most important task that every human being should conduct. Of course, healing work, receiving guidance from a ‘non-biased’ third party during times of confusion and uncertainty can bring about a world of a difference within a person’s life.

There are so many different types of ‘inner work’ methods that are currently being thought and promoted around the globe.

As the very first ‘step’, we firmly believe in connecting with your own higher self and asking directly, what is it that you should work on?

Meditation is a must, to set the stage – which will help you find the right path and ideas that will come to you naturally.

At Tarocchy we have ‘high grade’ expert healers such as ‘Pagan Healer’ (find them under the healing section), who are experts in ‘karma busting’ and other healing work that can lead to incredible ‘life resolutions’.

Inner work through ‘hypnosis’ is another form of healing that we really encourage and have added very useful articles and links in OUR ‘Youtube; Articles section’.

Inner work is the only way to bring about ‘life/reality changes’ or amplify and solidify long term ‘positive results’, or one of the ‘exercises’ that might be suggested by one of our healers or psychic readers.

Even in psychology they always state, that all life ‘traumas’ and issues stem from childhood. We at Tarocchy agree with that, but we do as well understand the science of Karma and ‘other planetary manipulation matters that correlate with ‘repetitive pattern problems’.

All issues that affect 1. HEALTH 2. JOY 3. LOVE 4. FINANCES and 5. GOOD FORTUNE, will have long term detrimental effects on the human entire being and mental health. THESE MUST BE ELEMINATED in order to live a happy quality life.