We are very proud of the fact that we strive to support ‘Animal Welfare’ and sanctuaries in the UK, that are doing ‘God’s work’ to save and support our four-legged brothers and sisters in despair. We wanted to make it our mission to support these sanctuaries. Because supporting animals – is to support as well ‘WOMENS rights. Because frankly many of the animals, are ‘mothers’ and daughters. And we have seen how they suffer. This is for a ‘Better World’.

Further mission of ours is the following.

THERE ARE SEVERAL READING SITES THAT HAVE BEEN OPERATING ONLINE PAST HALF A DECADE. HOWEVER, unfortunately these sites conduct ‘UNETHICAL’ pay outs to their ‘readers’ paying them only 20 % of charged fees. Readers are self-employed people and as well have obligation to pay taxes and whatever is left to them in our humble opinion is not ‘ethical’. Furthermore, there are sites – who takes their charges to ‘unethical degrees’. Some site readers charge 15-30 Dollars or more, per minute. This is not humane either. We are all for abundance, but the services need to remain ‘dignified’ and have regards towards people in need of help.

   Furthermore, our overall mission is to offer you access to experienced readers quickly, rather than having to book a ‘face to face’ reading which in most cases is our more recommended method, but unfortunately not that easy to access for obvious reasons.  

   We as well aim to offer readings from quality checked and tested readers. Our checks involve questionnaires and references if available. Our questionnaire will give us a clear indication at what level they are. We will add as well a label above readers profiles (Referenced checked, not reference checked). All of the readers wanting to join us, will be allowed a test trial and keep things transparent with their customer reviews displayed publicly.