QUESTION: Why do you sponsor Animal sanctuaries?
ANSWER: We sponsor Animal Rights and Liberation as much as we support “FEMALE” rights. It has increasingly become evident globally that something is terribly wrong with the animal farming system. Many females in these farms are being abused to unimaginable degrees. We want to be part of the solution to end the atrocities and bring justice back into these systems.

QUESTION: Are all readers verified?
ANSWERS: All readers are checked through our hiring process that essentially involves a questioner and reference check. Each reader will have a tag – ‘Referenced’ or ‘Non-referenced’.

QUESTION: Why do you state you pay your ‘readers’ fairly ?
ANSWERS: Unfortunately there are many UK and International sites completely abuse their readers paying them ‘MINIMUM WAGE’ fees, which is horrific.
We at ‘’Tarocchy’’ want to offer the customer affordable ‘prices’ and most importantly our readers ‘fare pay’. ‘’Tarocchy is obliged to pay 20 % of the 1 GBP to corporation tax to the UK GOVERNMENT HMRC. Tarocchy as well needs to cover our ‘back office’ admin staff salaries and ‘Telecom Communication’ connection fees and ‘set up fees’, ‘advertisements and other business expenses and we ‘pay our Staff then the other half of 50 % earned directly to the reader. We want to end the ‘minimal wage’ slavery that some companies actively practice and in our humble opinion is ‘completely’ unacceptable in this field.

QUESTION: What to expect during a reading, according to ’Tarocchy standards’?
ANSWER: If you are having a Tarot reading, then the paying customer should expect an initial response to their asked question within 90 seconds. The reader will clearly state to wait for a response while they are checking with and using their own selected tools and method.
If the paying customer is having a healing reading then, then customer needs to accept that tuning into one’s energies takes time and results will either be instant or over time. We have a non-refundable system as all readers need to be paid wages, and we have stated this term and condition under our policies sections.

QUESTION: What’s the difference between a ‘referenced’ and ‘non-referenced’ reader?
ANSWER: A referenced reader will have a label ‘referenced’ by their profile. A reader with no previous references, will have ‘non-referenced’ sign. Normally ‘referenced’ readers have more mainstream experience and clients. Non-referenced readers either, have not worked in an online setting and or as a ‘self-employed’ business and therefore have different past clients and experiences. ‘Non-referenced’

QUESTION: What if I will not like my reading?
ANSWER: You will need to enter the “END CHAT” button immediately. This way you will avoid investing any further funds. As Tarocchy is registered with the APS then our terms and conditions state clearly, Tarocchy is for “Entertainment purposes only”, so deciding to enter into a chat with them for any adult over 18 + years, will be their own responsibility. Our readers work very hard for already a low discounted rate compared to other sites and services, and we are obliged to pay them for their time and effort. We cannot refund the time you spent in the chat, because of this.
Unless, the reader has been rude to you and used fowl language, then you will need you to contact us immediately to review the case and the chat log. The quicker you decide within your reading to withdraw, the higher the chances are, we are able to give you credits towards one more reading. If you are in the chat and the reader is performing efficiently and answering your questions in-line with their ‘style’, and you have engaged actively and continued to ask questions and then suddenly decide you do not like the reader, then unfortunately we are not able to give credits, because the reader has done their job and tried their very best to answer your questions. We protect our readers from malicious behaviour, sometimes done by the customers, who we have not verified with ID checks and therefore require very serious and ground holding evidence that the reader was reluctant to do their job. Chat logs will be checked and investigation will be conducted towards both parties. The client will have to provide ID proof and country of residency – proof of address.

QUESTION: Are all readings 100 % accurate.
ANSWER: We must emphasise in “Tarocchy” Tarot, Love, Rune, Attachment removals and other services we offer are for ‘’entertainment purposes only’’.

Eventhough, we aim to hire experienced Tarot card readers and more, we still reserve the ‘’right’’ not to be directly associated with any of the ‘’readers’’ personal views and ‘’opinions’’. Our readers are not Doctors, they are not Solicitors, and eventhough some of them might have ‘higher degrees’ in the ‘Public Health’, ‘Clinical world’, or ‘Law’, that is not what ‘’Tarocchy’’ represents.
Tarrochy represents ‘’HOLISTIC Healing views’’, looking at things from a non-mainstream view that is a legal and sovereign right for any person to ‘investigate’ and ‘try’ or be curious about.