‘How to choose a reader. VERY USEFUL TIPS’.

We recommend picking a tarot reader through intuition, not based on reviews.

All readers have their own style. Read the readers profile and ask your higher self, would you resonate with this reader.

If you feel you are stuck – we recommend to go with a Psychic, Tarot, or Rune reading, to confirm what’s causing it.

Use the session to ask the person. “Am I cursed?” Or, “Is it Karma related?”

Once the Reader determines what it is, and you resonate with their response, then further steps can be taken. Remember you must resonate with the response, then you will know what to do from there on.

If it is a ‘Curse or Black magic related’, then you should consider checking our “Attachment removal experts”.

If it is ‘Karma related’, then consider our ‘Healers section’, because some of our readers clearly state, they are experts in ‘Karma busting’.

If its related to ‘feeling, confused or lost’, then these are clearly symptoms of ‘Attachments’ that need to be reset with correct ‘Healing’.

‘Feeling extreme lows or tired’, can also be a sign of ‘Black Magic’, and for that we recommend ‘Attachment removals’.

If you are a survivor of ‘Narcissistic abuse, then ‘resetting and ‘inviting in new love and ‘joy’, could be done with ‘Healing sessions. As well of course ‘Tarot’ readings are useful to know what’s up and coming for you.

And again, if you are not sure what it is, then you need to revert to the above and start with ‘Tarot’ reading, and find out are there any warnings or enemies, to look out for.

Additionally, what we have noticed in ‘Tarocchy’, normally is that ‘changing’ one’s reality and luck, can be done with ‘doing inner work’. We have very useful articles under ‘How to conduct inner work and after care’.