Tarocchy has various types of services.


What do the different types of tarot cards mean? Though design varies greatly, all tarot decks are uniform in a couple of ways. Each include 78 cards divided into two groups: the major and minor arcana.

Our Tarot readers offer dozens of different types of readings, including Oracle cards. What is the difference between them.


All psychics are completely different. Some argue this statement, but this has become more and more evident, as the psychic and healing field has developed, and become more popular.  

What is a psychic? Psychic is a person who has extra sensory abilities, is able to see potential futures and parallels.

If you ask a psychic ‘’is my husband cheating on me?”, then this can be something a psychic can tune into, with their ‘higher self’ or ‘guides’, or ‘benevolent’ deities they work with.

How does a psychic reading work:

A psychic reading is when a gifted, intuitive individual with the capacity to see into the future gives someone their fortune and foretells what might happen in the future. Only the best psychic readers can predict the future and provide insights that can help individuals live a better life, whether it’s good or terrible news.

What Are the Different Types Of Psychic Readings?

Psychics can access a person’s “unknown” realm using a variety of methods and techniques. Many people have a stronger connection to certain types of readings than others, and while everyone’s preferences are different, there are a variety of readings available to meet everyone’s needs.

Readings from the crystal ball


Dream interpretation


Astrology/Zodiac readings

Readings from the Chinese Zodiac

Angel Playing Cards

Psychic Readings of Various Kinds

Here are the various types of psychic readings and what they entail.

Psychic consultations

Readings from the palms

Readings with the tarot

There is truly something for everyone on this list. If you’re not sure what type of reading you want, there are a number of psychic apps available that list the greatest psychics in each of these categories.

What Questions Should I Ask My Psychic Reader?

If you’re wondering what questions you can and can’t ask during a psychic reading, we’re here to help. In essence, you can ask about anything that is bothering you or on your mind in any element of your life. Psychics have a reputation for being able to extract knowledge that will help you make better life decisions. The state of one’s health and any other health-related difficulties, especially life-threatening situations, are the only things psychics cannot advise on.

Aside from that, online psychics with good reviews and ratings may provide information on any aspect of your life; the list is vast, and includes the well-known.